About the photographs

John was, like all monochrome photographers, a keen exponent of darkroom skills. The development of the new digital techniques has rendered many darkrooms obsolete. John still maintains his darkroom which was in regular use until recently.

Until recently John adopted a hi-brid approach to making his images. He continued to use film in a variety of cameras which he carefully developed using the skills he had honed over many years. He felt that film still offered advantages to his style of working. It also has to be said that he loved working with his film cameras. However, the advances now made in digital technology means that the cameras are capable of quality at least equal to the most careful use of film. So it was with a little regret that he moved to using digital cameras. He has all his negatives going back more than 40 years and still reviews them with a view to making a scan for a current print project.

The film is carefully scanned and the image adjusted using a photo editor. John remains a purist at heart, however, and the changes made are the sort of adjustments he would previously have made in the darkroom. He is a strong believer that the image should reflect what was in front of the camera. This was a feature when he was using film and remains so for digital.

Prints are made on a large format printer which provides the quality he sought in the darkroom. Prints are made using pigment inks on high quality 100% cotton rag paper. The prints can be expected to have a life exceeding 100 years.